Joe Clarence And Jocelyn Calista : Balance Being A Student And Being CFO – CMO Franchise Mall

Joe Clarence And Jocelyn Calista

Balance Being A Student And Being CFO – CMO Franchise Mall

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It has been a fact that the next generation would always be better than the earlier one. This has been proved repeatedly with next generation kids achieving feats that an adult might struggle to achieve.

Such has been the success story of Joe Clarence and Jocelyn Calista. Both these children, in 11 years old have become the youngest millionaires after creating a food chain business along with Rainbow International Group named Franchise Mall.

They created this start up business in 2004.

Striking A Balance In Both Their Roles

Both the children have been striving to strike a balance between being a student and CFO & CMO Franchise Mall. It has been a tough task nonetheless, but they have handle it beautifully. That is proven by they still get the best student’s award at school. Moreover, they also get best franchise brand’s award every year.

These award-wining children have both intelligent and hard working. They have requisite skill to run their business successfully along with managing their school properly. Their hard work in both the arenas has been the reason behind striking a balance between professional and academic life.

Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista Franchise Mall
How it all started

In case, you have been wondering how it all started, it was from the various experiences they came across day after day. The experience they gathered by following their parents, who started the Rainbow International Group for them and offered their expert guidance, had to play a vital role in their road to success.

By their creativity, Franchise Mall was born as a food chain business model that being wrapped in beautiful and unique wrappers of various cartoon characters, which allure people of all age groups. As a result, they success attracted many investor to licensed the character they created along with Franchise Mall, made these children become the youngest millionaires.

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