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Nowaday, Smartphone, Phablet, Notebook can been categorized as digital gadgets are gradually becoming a vital part of our lives, and are regarded as significant companions for individual expression. Children of school-age are incorporating digital gadgets into their daily lives and are therefore placing a high worth on them. The educationalists always attempt to put in the students a high value for education; however they regularly meet with challenges. Digital Gadgets generally held with high value into learning and teaching cannot but assist to motivate students. Consequently, using digital gadgets as learning and teaching tool is expected to boost the desire of students to become completely involved in their education.

Digital Gadgets like smartphone, phablet, notebook are belong to a group of devices known as information and communications technologies (ICT). They are gradually becoming ubiquitous, and are an untapped resource in education. The question that should be burning in the minds of individuals associated with education is, how can the enthusiasm about that gadgets be used in education?

Consider the case of Joschika Faustine & Josch Forbes who started going to school at 10 months. They use smartphone for educational songs, with the help of their parents took selfies and played baby games. Their twin brother sister Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista, the two Brilliant Entrepreneur of Franchise Mall brand worldwide, who began to earn money from 6 years old through their creative animation designs, by creating different licensed animation cartoon characters that assist to raise the uniqueness and attractiveness of their products. Apart from the fact that they were genius, they made their fortunes in technology, creating games and have got the necessary skills to effectively administer their business.

Although the use of digital gadgets in education has created some sort of worries about exam malpractices, visiting uncensored sites or overuse. Regardless of the policies put in place to ban the use of digital gadgets, students still have their way of sneaking it in. Therefore with proper training, digital gadgets can be used in a way that is educationally meaningful.

Peluang Usaha Baru Kemitraan Bakso Kaget

With the Internet and mobile apps at their fingertips, students and teachers can now use digital gadgets to communicate with each other and collaborate on projects. Apps like Dropbox, which are also connected on the computer, makes it possible for teachers and students to relate share files in class including outside of the classroom. I believe in the use of digital gadgets as educational tools as they possess everything a student needs from a calculator, a dictionary and a notepad among others – all in one compact device. Although a number of teachers would see cell phones as a great source of distraction, a solution to that would be to describe its use such as talking in classrooms as inappropriate and a penalty like taken points off the culprit’s grade can be attached. On the other hand, a structure can be included in the lesson plan so that students have the opportunity to utilize the phone for meaningful purposes.

Having a digital gadgets are like having all the information in world in your hands, which is very advantageous to teachers as they would not need to answer series of questions from students when they can just ask students to Google any questions they have. Using digital gadget teach students to be self-reliance and explore things on their own. Surfing the Internet provides students with an unlimited amount of information for homework help and research papers. In case there is something a student fails to understand, there are chances that it can be explained on the Internet.

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