Bakso Kaget Motivation : Eagles never take flight lessons from chicken for success

Eagles never take flight lessons from chicken for success


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At every point in our lives, we come across different people (both old and young) with different backgrounds, culture, orientation etc. And often times, they will always want to give one advice or another whenever you decide to do some positive things with your life.

Of course, no man is an island. But my questions now are;

  1. Who should you get advice from or listened to?

  2. Who can give you the help you need in attaining success?

Note that your success and the quality of life you live depend on your ability to take advice. However, an advice may be disastrous and make your life worse if it’s given by unsuccessful people or people with lower experience. If anyone is successful in whatever they do, definitely they would have achieved something themselves.


Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista


Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista are two professional teen entrepreneurs to consider. With the coaching and different pieces of advice they received from their mother, DR. Megumi Sachiko, these genius teens possess the right skills and experience needed to effectively run their food franchise mall – a subsidiary company of Rainbow Intr’l Group established by their mother. They have achieved a greater success in managing their company quite well that they now aspire to serve worldwide.



Seeking advice that leads to success


Know who to depend on or seek advice from, because no one can lead you where they have not journeyed. Dr. Megumi Sachiko was able to lead Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista to success since she is also successful in her endeavors.

What can you do?

Keep an open mind, find a way to learn from people that have already achieved success in your focus area and also trust their experience above those who have not done what you want to do. Remember, eagles never take flight lessons from chicken for success.




Never be jealous of success people or be a part of the rumor mongers. Invest in yourself, seek advice from experts and the sky will simply be your starting point.




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