Franchise News : Major differences between the successful and unsuccessful people

Major Differences Between

The Successful And Unsuccessful People

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We are all destined for success, but not everyone will succeed. You can read and listen to the most inspiring thing in the world, but that does not guarantee that you will succeed. But why is it so? This is because success doesn’t just come to people. The ultimate determinant of success is YOU and what you are willing to do for yourself.

Let’s consider the case of Joe Clarence & Jocelyn Calista, two genius teen entrepreneurs who have achieved greater success through managing their franchise mall.

They possess the right skills needed to successfully manage their family business and have made their fortunes in entrepreneurship.

The Franchise Mall is a subsidiary company of Rainbow Intr’l Group, established by DR. Megumi Sachiko. They put their creativity to work by making diverse cartoon characters, which usually show up on all products they create to enhance their uniqueness. The concept of placing cartoon characters, game & multimedia into their products enticed a number of investors, who desired to cooperate with them to license their cartoon characters.

Peluang Usaha Waralaba Franchise Bakso Kaget

There are several things that differentiate successful people from their unsuccessful counterpart.

Successful people

Learn from their failure and keep learning the new things. They make decisions based on where they desire to be, and they easily set attainable goals for themselves. Most successful people have a goal-oriented plan and the self-discipline to accomplish the tasks on their plan. They believe in themselves and do not care what others think of their plans. They are always in a positive, motivated state of mind.

Unsuccessful people

They are always complaining. They simply blame others for their lack of success and fortune, thinking they are the smartest. They make decisions based on their present situation and tend to talk about their worries and problems most of the time. Most unsuccessful people are negative thinkers and lack confidence in their own ability.

Are unsuccessful people really unsuccessful or they just not as successful as they want to be?

If you are not 100% pleased with your present status and you do nothing about it, you are simply not successful.


The key to success is to define who you are and maintain a success attitude. Note that the road to success takes patience and time, and success will definitely not happen overnight. Overall, it will be worth it.

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